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Here is a short presentation about “The Sink Brainstorming” technique . It’s a method I’ve create and worked with for years with my team (Communiquons.Biz communication agency).I published it on
Give an eye  and let me know what you think about it.

It’s a creative process to make usefull and efficient Brainstormings. Yes, Brainstormings are efficient when you apply some technics… This one is a story in 3 acts about cats and a sink.

  • Cats have 9 lifes, creative ideas also.
  • Something special happens in a sink when you pull out the plug… In act 2 also.
  • Cats are adaptable, focused, creative, fun… The ideas generation also.
  • The sink is a process going from filling to exit trough a constraining pipe, brainstorming also.

So, if the conditions are here, we can discover with this Slideshare presentation, how to be as creative as cats in a sink !

Have fun.

This presentation has been featured on SlideShare Home Page on May 30th 2012:
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