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Ken Robinson about how education system destroy our creativity…

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I really believe that our education systems tends to  destroy our creativity. Today, to adapt to the fluid and moving world,we need to find back the kid who is inside us.
I want to share with you this Sir Ken Robinson TED Video, where he explain in a wonderful way how education kills creativity.

Watch this video and feel free to comment please >>>

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Frédéric Veve

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  • Shubho


    What a dizzying reniotdin of another thought provoking talk by Sir Ken. An ideal world probably would include tailor-made cycles of learning for each child. The Education section of The New York Times recently featured an article on a school in Silicon Valley, of all places, that is computer-free while a school in Indiana does away with text books and brings in laptops for all. Some schools stress the importance of science while others make more time for athletics. More homework, less homework, fewer leaders, more teamplayers Most everything is being challenged but we have yet to see widespread changes. Again, what is the role of parents in all of this? And what is that of government vs. private budgets? Last but not least, have pharmaceutical industries replaced TV screens as babysitters? The figures on decreasing creativity in aging children made me realize that one never hears a child yearn to relax and do nothing. This is something craved by adults and this is why it is a loss to all when children’s brains are numbed rather than stimulated.


    • Frédéric Veve


      Nice comment, thanks.
      Sure that children brains need to be stimulated…but adult brains can be also. The good news is that it’s not irreversible , this loos of creativity we have when we become older. But in our so fast changing world, with all those technologies shaking the society day after day, I deeply believe that we need to give to people and especially children a creative and analytic mind to face those changes with ease and without stress. A lot of think to do and discuss in 2013 !


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